Why Building Links To Your Site Could be the most important thing you do!

Are you Link Building?

Any SEO Expert, Guru or Professional worth their salt will tell Link Building is the most important aspect of your sites ranking in the Search Engines.

On Page SEO is important but according to Google only accounts for about 10-15% of the Total Factors.

Link Building on the other hand is at least 30% that's a major part of ranking in the search engines.

So ask yourself? Are 30%+ of your efforts going into backlinks? Are you taking the time to create these highly sought after commodities.

Internet Marketers usually break down into 3 types when it comes to link building.
  1. Those who ignore link building completely.
  2. Those who furiously submit to directory after directory unfortunately 95% of those places have really low Page Rank and hence low link juice.
  3. Those who pay for high quality PR Niche Relevant Links. This works but will usually cost over $100 to do it properly and that's just for one site!
Is there a type 4? Well I'm here to tell you yes type 4 does exist. These smart Internet Marketers build High quality PR Links to ALL their sites and it doesn't cost them a penny.

The way they do is really quite simple they follow a link building strategy i.e. they look for Niche Relevant pages and higher Page Rank places to drop links. For a few ideas try here - Link building Now