The Importance of Link Building

Search engines in the past used to operate very differently the way they do it today. Before, webmasters used to place a tag on each section of their website pages which if searched would instantly appear on the search engine results. But today, this method has become obsolete because many sites used to appear which were not really relevant to the original search.

If you are a webmaster, then to stay on the top, you have to do a little more work. This is where the need for knowing the construction and management of link building techniques and strategies comes in.

Major search engines like Google and Yahoo also rate your website page mainly on one factor amongst a few and that is Link Building. Therefore it is vital you implement link building techniques and strategies on your page, which can be made possible by building one way links between different pages which come under your fold as a Web Master.

Also, another very essential fact that you should keep in mind when link building is to track the PR of the pages being linked. Only put long tail keywords on pages with low PR’s and main keywords on pages with high PR’s.

Also make sure that the longer your link is present, the much better the results. All your link exchanges should stay live.

Link tracker programs are basically all about the above. These programs basically track the different pages that link to and linked by the page being monitored, and in order to maintain relevance and be at the top of the search engine results, their use is essential.